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Dermatologists’ Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Dermatologists’ Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Most people who have hair loss problems often try to hide it or buy products that may not work for them. Vitamins and supplements can work great to maintain and salvage the remaining hair – but only with a dermatologist recommendation.
People, especially women, usually blame their shampoos.
Despite all the efforts done by most people, only a few who solve their problems completely. If your hair loss problem is not solved by any solution, it is time to follow our tips.

1. See a Dermatologist
There are many causes of hair loss. When you find out the main cause of hair loss, the chance to solve the problem increases. Dermatologists specialize in hair and skin problems. That is why they can find the main cause of your problem and treat it. 
Find the best dermatologist in your area and pay a visit to find out the root of your problem.

2. Avoid Causing Any Traumas While Washing and/or Conditioning Your Hair
If your hair is fragile and gets damaged easily, we recommend the following tips.
• You should use a high-quality, gentle shampoo since some shampoos can take moisture out of your hair.
• After using your shampoo, apply a high-quality moisturizer and conditioner to cover your hair strands and prevent breakage.
• Get a microfiber towel and use it to dry it quickly instead of blow-drying your hair.

3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals
Some people straighten their hair chemically and apply colors at home. Harsh chemicals and colors are harmful, especially if applied at home. Try to find a salon that depends on high-quality products and specializes in whatever you want. Professionals in the salons know how to treat your hair and scalp. They usually examine your scalp and hair and find the most suitable hair products and techniques for your hair.
The hair salon should apply a moisturizing conditioner after finishing the hair treatment.

4. Limit Heat Use
If you have a very special occasion such as a wedding or a very important meeting, or a job interview, you can apply heat to your hair. Regular use of hot combs, flat irons, or curling irons can make your hair weaker over time.

If you want more information about how to prevent hair loss or want to talk to one of our team, click here.

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