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The Trouble With Hair Transplants You Must Know About

The Trouble With Hair Transplants You Must Know About

Hair loss isn’t an alien term anymore. People from all age groups, genders, and ethnicity suffer from it at some point. And one of the most common solutions they choose to get rid of hair loss is a hair transplant. But did you know that hair transplant can cause a lot of troubles if not executed properly? 

Let’s dive in to know more about it.

The biggest risk of hair transplant is its timing and unawareness among people regarding how it works. Some people go for a hair transplant treatment as soon as they start noticing hair loss. It’s a wrong approach, and most hair transplant clinics don’t tell them the truth about it. 

One should go for a hair transplant only after they have lost all the hairs on the scalp area. If you don’t follow this rule, you may have to face many problems at a later stage due to uneven hair in the scalp area. Sometimes, people who make this mistake have to undergo another treatment to get things fixed. It’s better to avoid it in the first place rather than going through several problems in the future. 

As a hair care professional, you should advise your clients to not lose their patience when it comes to opting for hair transplant. If need be, check out this course list and schedule of hair care training to upgrade your knowledge and ask all your doubts from those who have spent decades in the hair care industry and know everything about scalp micropigmentation, hair transplant, and tattooing. 

Keep these points in mind so that you never have to face any problem when dealing with hair loss issues and fixing them in a hassle-free way.

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment — Does It Work?

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment — Does It Work?

People don’t want to lose hair and go bald, yet they experience it sooner or later in their lives. Some of them who are aware of various hair care treatments take the help of Dot Micro for more information about controlling hair loss quickly. Others consider it their fate and accept hair loss as it is. 

As someone living in a progressive society like today’s, you shouldn’t lose faith in medical science so early. There are various treatments that can help you enhance hair growth and minimize the symptoms of hair loss. Some of the most common treatments in this regard are scalp micropigmentation, tattooing, and microblading. However, the one treatment that’s been gaining a lot of attention these days is mesotherapy. Let’s know more about it. 

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment

Mesotherapy is a relatively new technique in which experts use injections of several enzymes, vitamins, plant extracts, and hormones to revive the skin and get rid of excessive fat. Mesotherapy may sound like a new technique, but it was first invented way back in 1952 by a French doctor named Michel Pistor. Initially, it was used for pain relief, but later on, medical science experts started using it for other purposes, including hair loss treatment. 

People who suffer hair loss due to alopecia have minimal options to revive hair growth. Mesotherapy is considered a perfect treatment for this condition. As part of it, natural plant extracts, medicines (minoxidil, finasteride, etc.), and vitamins are injected in the scalp area. It claims to correct hormonal imbalance, deliver nutrients, and improve blood circulation in the head. 

Though it is claimed to be working fine when it comes to reviving health growth, you should always go for it after consulting with an expert hair care professional to avoid unnecessary risks at a later stage.

Why Do Men Experience More Hair Loss Than Women?

Why Do Men Experience More Hair Loss Than Women?

It is generally believed that women lose more hair than men, but the truth is the exact opposite. Statistics show that men are more prone to losing hair than women. Almost all men experience hair loss at some point in their lives due to various reasons. In case you are worried about your hair health, make sure you learn about all those reasons and take preventive measures to control hair loss immediately. 

Below are some of the common reasons that explain why hair loss is more common among men than women:

Length of Hair:

Most men have short hair as compared to women. So, when the male pattern baldness kicks in, their hairless scalp is more visible than women. Both men and women lose hair due to pattern baldness, but the density and length of hair help women hide their bald patches in a better way. 

Androgenic Alopecia:

Androgenic alopecia or permanent hair loss affects 70% men and 40% women globally. The reason why you see more men than women is that men are more prone to androgenic alopecia. This condition starts with men losing hair at the temples and then receding into the ‘M’ shape. 

Most men also lose hair in the crown area. This activity increases the movement of the androgen receptors in the hair follicles. These receptors further respond to dihydrotestosterone, which shrinks hair follicles and causes permanent hair loss. 

So, as long as men keep on producing testosterone, there is no way they can stop the production of DHT; thus, they are likely to lose hair throughout their lives.

No matter which of these reasons has caused your hair loss, make sure you visit and opt for the right treatment to control it immediately.