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Can Eggs Prevent Baldness

Can Eggs Prevent Baldness

Whether your hair is thinning all over, falling out in large clumps, or receding from the front, the impact can be devastating. It is a situation that can put a severe dent in your self-esteem and self-confidence. 

To help ensure healthy locks, the regular consumption of eggs can work wonders. Eggs are loaded with nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin B12, Omega 6 fatty acids, and proteins. 

Eggs contain vitamin B. You can put a raw egg onto your strands after shampooing to use it as a natural conditioner. Put on a plastic cap and let it stay on your strands for one hour. The heat from your head will help it penetrate your strands.

If you were to be deficient in any of these minerals and vitamins, the results can be visible on your scalp. What’s more, eggs are also an excellent source of biotin, a vitamin that is often given to people suffering from hair loss.

If your body goes for a long time without getting an adequate supply of certain vitamins, it will be forced to use the limited supply of nutrients it has on the functions which keep you alive. 

Important Hair Loss Vitamins In Eggs

Every vitamin in the B complex of vitamins is very important to the growth and health of your strands. This includes folic acid, biotin, magnesium, and zinc. 

Vitamin B supports your body’s production of protein, which the strands must have in order to grow. Without an adequate supply of this vitamin, the quality of protein produced by the body will not be as good and the strands will become weak. You can get vitamin B by taking a multi-vitamin. 

Vitamins, A, C, and E also contain important nutrients the strands need in order to stay healthy.

It is very important for you to begin treatment for your hair loss as soon as you notice that your strands are thinning. 

This will significantly add your chances of getting your strands to grow back. 
If the follicles stay for too long without strands, they will lose their ability to function which can lead to permanent hair loss. Click here for more information.

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