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Did You Know About These Surprisingly Healthy Foods?

There are more food items in the world than you can imagine and many of them are surprisingly healthy. All you need is awareness to spot them and include them in your diet as much and as often as possible. Here you can find some of these common foods with phenomenal health benefits.

Berries And Fruits:

People have been consuming berries and raw fruits for thousands of years in an attempt to avoid unnecessary diseases and live a long and healthy life. Some of the common fruits and berries that you can include in your diet for amazing health benefits are apples, avocados, oranges, pomegranates, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, kiwifruits, melons, and raspberries.


Those who are regular gym-goers know the importance of having a protein-rich diet every single day. In an attempt to fulfill their daily protein requirements, they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on whey. They often neglect how protein-rich eggs are. Make them a part of your daily diet and start getting ample protein without emptying your pockets.

Lean Beef:

It’s another high-protein food item available in the market. Along with protein, lean beef is also considered a great source of iron. If you wish to cut fats and at the same time build muscles, it should be your first choice.


No matter how much protein or good fat you consume, unless there’s enough fiber going inside the system, you can’t experience the results that you expect. This is why vegetables like asparagus, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, garlic, kale, tomatoes, etc. should be a part of your daily diet.

The benefits you can extract from these healthy food items are staggering. But sometimes, due to many reasons, you can’t have all of them. This is where the products offered by I Am Clovis come into the picture. They make sure that you don’t miss out on a healthy diet even on days you’re too lazy to cook. Check them out and buy the one that fits the bill perfectly.

What Should You Know About Hair Colouring And Science Behind It?

Everyone is born with a certain hair color based on various factors, such as parents’ hair color and the amount of melanin in your hair. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to live with the same hair color forever. There are various technologies and hair coloring solutions available in the market that can help you get your hair colored as per your wish. All you need to do is reach out to the right hair colorist and go for a solution that is safe and long-lasting.

Hair Colouring, Benefits & Risks:

If you haven’t colored your hair in the past and aren’t sure about the color that will look good, then follow a simple rule. According to Therapy Hair Studio, always look to change your hair’s color up to three shades darker or lighter from its original color. Don’t try to over-experiment with hair color if you have limited experience with it.

Along with the natural color of your hair, another factor that affects hair coloring is your hair type. For example, coarse hair takes more time to absorb new colors as compared to fine hair. Likewise, permed or dry hair can absorb color very quickly. So, no matter when you decide to go for new hair color, always get a strand test first to have some clarity about how much time your hair will take to absorb its new color.

An experienced hair colorist coats each of your hair strands with the color of your choice. It can be permanent or non-permanent depending on which color type you have opted for. While the permanent color stays intact regardless of how many times you shampoo, the non-permanent color fades after you’ve shampooed a few times.

Since it’s a difficult process and can affect your hair quality if things don’t work out as planned, it’s recommended to always consult with an experienced hair therapist before making the final call for a hassle-free experience.

Best Car Mats for Jeep Wrangler

Best Car Mats for Jeep Wrangler

Many Jeep Wrangler owners are passionate car enthusiasts. If you own a Jeep Wrangler, you can protect its floorboards by using the right car mats. Always consider the fit, grip, dust and water resistance while choosing the best car mats for your jeep.  Click OnlineCarMats to know more about the benefits of car mats for Jeep Wrangler. There are three types of materials ideal for Jeep Wrangler car mats.

Rubber mats

Rubber mats provide durable protection to the original carpet. These mats can deal with dust, grime, snow, mud and water with ease. The rubber mats can be customized and tailor made for your car. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Carpet mats

Carpet mats are the best to soak liquids. They give a natural look to the car’s interior. These mats trap any kind of debris and keep the interior clean. It’s best to choose a dark colour as they easily get dirty.

Generic mats

These mats come in a universal size. They are not custom made for Jeep Wrangler. Generic mats will provide basic protection to the floorboard but they are not an ideal fit. They tend to slip and dirt can also easily escape around the edges of these mats.

Depending on your choice and general use of your jeep, you can choose specific mats for Jeep Wrangler.

Rugged ridge mats

The rugged ridge mats cover the entire cabin floor. They generally come in black, tan and grey colour. These mats are very durable and are specifically made for Jeep Wrangler to ensure a perfect fit. The rugged pattern is ideal to trap dust, mud and debris.

Mopar mats

These are chrysler mats with deep grooves to trap dust, mud and to soak water. Tire tread pattern is engraved on these mats. They come embedded with the jeep logo. These mats are easy to clean.

Husky Liners

These all weather mats are custom made to fit the floorboard, cargo area and trunk of the Jeep Wrangler. These mats are made from a special patented rubber material to ensure unparalleled durability.

The Trouble With Hair Transplants You Must Know About

The Trouble With Hair Transplants You Must Know About

Hair loss isn’t an alien term anymore. People from all age groups, genders, and ethnicity suffer from it at some point. And one of the most common solutions they choose to get rid of hair loss is a hair transplant. But did you know that hair transplant can cause a lot of troubles if not executed properly? 

Let’s dive in to know more about it.

The biggest risk of hair transplant is its timing and unawareness among people regarding how it works. Some people go for a hair transplant treatment as soon as they start noticing hair loss. It’s a wrong approach, and most hair transplant clinics don’t tell them the truth about it. 

One should go for a hair transplant only after they have lost all the hairs on the scalp area. If you don’t follow this rule, you may have to face many problems at a later stage due to uneven hair in the scalp area. Sometimes, people who make this mistake have to undergo another treatment to get things fixed. It’s better to avoid it in the first place rather than going through several problems in the future. 

As a hair care professional, you should advise your clients to not lose their patience when it comes to opting for hair transplant. If need be, check out this course list and schedule of hair care training to upgrade your knowledge and ask all your doubts from those who have spent decades in the hair care industry and know everything about scalp micropigmentation, hair transplant, and tattooing. 

Keep these points in mind so that you never have to face any problem when dealing with hair loss issues and fixing them in a hassle-free way.

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment — Does It Work?

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment — Does It Work?

People don’t want to lose hair and go bald, yet they experience it sooner or later in their lives. Some of them who are aware of various hair care treatments take the help of Dot Micro for more information about controlling hair loss quickly. Others consider it their fate and accept hair loss as it is. 

As someone living in a progressive society like today’s, you shouldn’t lose faith in medical science so early. There are various treatments that can help you enhance hair growth and minimize the symptoms of hair loss. Some of the most common treatments in this regard are scalp micropigmentation, tattooing, and microblading. However, the one treatment that’s been gaining a lot of attention these days is mesotherapy. Let’s know more about it. 

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Treatment

Mesotherapy is a relatively new technique in which experts use injections of several enzymes, vitamins, plant extracts, and hormones to revive the skin and get rid of excessive fat. Mesotherapy may sound like a new technique, but it was first invented way back in 1952 by a French doctor named Michel Pistor. Initially, it was used for pain relief, but later on, medical science experts started using it for other purposes, including hair loss treatment. 

People who suffer hair loss due to alopecia have minimal options to revive hair growth. Mesotherapy is considered a perfect treatment for this condition. As part of it, natural plant extracts, medicines (minoxidil, finasteride, etc.), and vitamins are injected in the scalp area. It claims to correct hormonal imbalance, deliver nutrients, and improve blood circulation in the head. 

Though it is claimed to be working fine when it comes to reviving health growth, you should always go for it after consulting with an expert hair care professional to avoid unnecessary risks at a later stage.

Dermatologists’ Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Dermatologists’ Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Most people who have hair loss problems often try to hide it or buy products that may not work for them. Vitamins and supplements can work great to maintain and salvage the remaining hair – but only with a dermatologist recommendation.
People, especially women, usually blame their shampoos.
Despite all the efforts done by most people, only a few who solve their problems completely. If your hair loss problem is not solved by any solution, it is time to follow our tips.

1. See a Dermatologist
There are many causes of hair loss. When you find out the main cause of hair loss, the chance to solve the problem increases. Dermatologists specialize in hair and skin problems. That is why they can find the main cause of your problem and treat it. 
Find the best dermatologist in your area and pay a visit to find out the root of your problem.

2. Avoid Causing Any Traumas While Washing and/or Conditioning Your Hair
If your hair is fragile and gets damaged easily, we recommend the following tips.
• You should use a high-quality, gentle shampoo since some shampoos can take moisture out of your hair.
• After using your shampoo, apply a high-quality moisturizer and conditioner to cover your hair strands and prevent breakage.
• Get a microfiber towel and use it to dry it quickly instead of blow-drying your hair.

3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals
Some people straighten their hair chemically and apply colors at home. Harsh chemicals and colors are harmful, especially if applied at home. Try to find a salon that depends on high-quality products and specializes in whatever you want. Professionals in the salons know how to treat your hair and scalp. They usually examine your scalp and hair and find the most suitable hair products and techniques for your hair.
The hair salon should apply a moisturizing conditioner after finishing the hair treatment.

4. Limit Heat Use
If you have a very special occasion such as a wedding or a very important meeting, or a job interview, you can apply heat to your hair. Regular use of hot combs, flat irons, or curling irons can make your hair weaker over time.

If you want more information about how to prevent hair loss or want to talk to one of our team, click here.

What is the healing process of laser tattoo removal?

What is the healing process of laser tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal is a procedure that needs some thought before diving in. The way it works is that the laser selectively targets and destroys the tattoo pigment without damaging the tissue around the tattoo. 

This significantly reduces the amount of scarring that occurs during the removal process. 

Due to the fact that the lasers are absorbed differently by different colors, a skilled practitioner can tune the laser at the proper depth and color of your tattoo for effective removal. This works well for multi-level and intricate tattoos.

What Is The Healing Process Of Laser Tattoo Removal? 

Most laser removal procedures take between 15-40 minutes. You will need multiple procedures. Typically this depends on the amount of color and depth of the tattoo. Typically you will have up to eight visits to completely remove the tattoo.

What Can I Expect After The Procedure?

Usually, the area is red and looks like it is sunburned for up to three weeks. You may also notice some bruising, and some bleeding is not uncommon. The area will be sensitive for several weeks, and you may notice that your skin texture will change but will heal. 

During the healing process, you will want to stay out of the sun. You may not notice huge improvements until after you have had several visits.

How Effective Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Success really depends on a couple of factors. The first is how new the tattoo is. The newer tattoos are usually harder to remove and take more sessions due to the density of the ink. If you want to have success in removal, you need to be committed to going in for multiple procedures. 

For larger areas, it may take up to 12 treatments to totally eliminate. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Laser removal is not cheap. Again, it really depends on how large, complex, and how many colors the practitioner has to deal with during the removal process.
In closing, if you are considering laser removal, make sure you visit, a qualified cosmetic team, and ask them about potential scarring, discoloration, and have them assess your situation specifically.

Which is better Microblading or tattooing eyebrows

Which is better Microblading or tattooing eyebrows

An eyebrow tattoo is a cosmetic procedure of having an ink injected into the skin to create, fill in, or darken the current eyebrow. 

You may have sparse eyebrows and want to have a fuller look or you may have light eyebrows and feel that having an eyebrow tattoo could give you more noticeable brows. 

With microblade eyebrows, the procedure is similar to getting a tattooed brow, but instead of ink, pigments are used which make them look all the more natural.

Also, there are those who have no eyebrows, due to a medical condition, over tweezing, or maybe just not have much to start out with. These are all good reasons for getting the cosmetic procedure performed. However, there is some question about getting it done: which is better, microblading or tattooing eyebrows?

Does The Tattoo Get Lighter?

During the first two weeks, the eyebrows may appear darker than what they will turn out to be in the end. The healing will take 10-14 days and after the eyebrow area peels, you will then have a lighter color.

If you don’t like the appearance you can let the technician know or wait until your follow-up appointment and see how you like the look then.

The eyebrow tattoo can last for years or even a lifetime. Touch-up appointments extend the appearance of the tattooed brows which can be done every six months to every few years. 

Microblading Eyebrows

You may be wondering how long this technique generally lasts. The answer to that is that it can range depending upon certain factors but usually lasts for a duration of between six months and two years. Certain things are known to affect the staying power of microblading, such as your skin type in terms of dry versus oily, the facial products you use, sun exposure, and lifestyle.

Touch-ups are to be expected once per year. If you have oily skin, the microblading will likely fade faster than other skin types. This means that those with oily skin require more frequent touch-ups. For further details about microblading eyebrows, contact us.

Can Eggs Prevent Baldness

Can Eggs Prevent Baldness

Whether your hair is thinning all over, falling out in large clumps, or receding from the front, the impact can be devastating. It is a situation that can put a severe dent in your self-esteem and self-confidence. 

To help ensure healthy locks, the regular consumption of eggs can work wonders. Eggs are loaded with nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin B12, Omega 6 fatty acids, and proteins. 

Eggs contain vitamin B. You can put a raw egg onto your strands after shampooing to use it as a natural conditioner. Put on a plastic cap and let it stay on your strands for one hour. The heat from your head will help it penetrate your strands.

If you were to be deficient in any of these minerals and vitamins, the results can be visible on your scalp. What’s more, eggs are also an excellent source of biotin, a vitamin that is often given to people suffering from hair loss.

If your body goes for a long time without getting an adequate supply of certain vitamins, it will be forced to use the limited supply of nutrients it has on the functions which keep you alive. 

Important Hair Loss Vitamins In Eggs

Every vitamin in the B complex of vitamins is very important to the growth and health of your strands. This includes folic acid, biotin, magnesium, and zinc. 

Vitamin B supports your body’s production of protein, which the strands must have in order to grow. Without an adequate supply of this vitamin, the quality of protein produced by the body will not be as good and the strands will become weak. You can get vitamin B by taking a multi-vitamin. 

Vitamins, A, C, and E also contain important nutrients the strands need in order to stay healthy.

It is very important for you to begin treatment for your hair loss as soon as you notice that your strands are thinning. 

This will significantly add your chances of getting your strands to grow back. 
If the follicles stay for too long without strands, they will lose their ability to function which can lead to permanent hair loss. Click here for more information.

Why Do Men Experience More Hair Loss Than Women?

Why Do Men Experience More Hair Loss Than Women?

It is generally believed that women lose more hair than men, but the truth is the exact opposite. Statistics show that men are more prone to losing hair than women. Almost all men experience hair loss at some point in their lives due to various reasons. In case you are worried about your hair health, make sure you learn about all those reasons and take preventive measures to control hair loss immediately. 

Below are some of the common reasons that explain why hair loss is more common among men than women:

Length of Hair:

Most men have short hair as compared to women. So, when the male pattern baldness kicks in, their hairless scalp is more visible than women. Both men and women lose hair due to pattern baldness, but the density and length of hair help women hide their bald patches in a better way. 

Androgenic Alopecia:

Androgenic alopecia or permanent hair loss affects 70% men and 40% women globally. The reason why you see more men than women is that men are more prone to androgenic alopecia. This condition starts with men losing hair at the temples and then receding into the ‘M’ shape. 

Most men also lose hair in the crown area. This activity increases the movement of the androgen receptors in the hair follicles. These receptors further respond to dihydrotestosterone, which shrinks hair follicles and causes permanent hair loss. 

So, as long as men keep on producing testosterone, there is no way they can stop the production of DHT; thus, they are likely to lose hair throughout their lives.

No matter which of these reasons has caused your hair loss, make sure you visit and opt for the right treatment to control it immediately.